Tree and Shrub Care


Trees and shrubs are the frameworks of your landscape. Their beauty, shape, size, foliage, and flowers are important elements of a welcoming and inviting space.


It is important to allow trees to grow to their natural genetic form and size and requires ongoing maintenance. Pruning must be carried out to promote structural strength and accentuate the natural form and features of the tree. Thinning is also key to remove heavily laden branches and prevent wind damage.

Young trees need special care too. Often young trees will be staked for a period of time for support and protection until they are able to stand alone. Also, ‘raising up’ or the stripping of lower branches of young trees can be devastating to the long-term health of the tree. It is important to leave as much foliage as possible on the tree by only ‘tipping back’ the branches. Pruning must be carried out to permit unobstructed passage of pedestrians and motor vehicles and prevent sight restrictions near intersections.


Shrubs and vines are pruned to maintain growth within space limitations, to maintain or enhance natural growth habit or to eliminate diseased or damaged growth. Some species shall be trimmed appropriately to influence flowering and fruiting or to improve vigor. Shrubs and vines must be trimmed as needed to permit unobstructed passage to residents or vehicles. Trimming near vehicular entry or exits shall be carried out to prevent sight restrictions. At PWE we adhere to crime-free requirements by pruning shrubs to control growth and direction and do not allow plants to grow over windows, doors or other structural features.

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