Hardscapes Overview:

Hardscapes bring rigidity and function to outdoor spaces and serve as a contrast to vegetation and other soft landscape elements. They also define spaces throughout landscapes, whether that is a patio with firepit vocal point, a pathway leading from one area to another or a stack stone retaining wall. The possibilities are endless and PWE can help you bring function and structure to your landscape.

Our Approach

  • Priced on a per square foot basis – with prep, materials, labor and installation included
  • The material choices are endless, so we will help you find the look and function you are
    looking for
  • o create a long-lasting product, we are thorough in our preparation and deploy the
    best materials available
  • Have a tired, run-down patio? We can relay and bring your patio back to life for a fresh
    new look

Don’t wait until it is too late!

Don’t wait until it is too late!

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